Sunday, February 21, 2010

international wedding stuff

I wrote this a week or so ago and then never found the time to post it. And I really should write about our Valentine's Day trip to London, which was all kinds of awesome, but that can wait as I still haven't finished writing it all up in my travel journal. Anyway, last week or the week before's post of how international my wedding is becoming, or at least USA dominated, when it comes to things!
My job involves sitting at a computer for 7 hours a day and sending emails. Needless to say I am certainly less keen to hop on a computer when I get home! One night a week, tho, I have to dedicate a few hours to sitting at the machine and plogging away on wedding things, correspondence, and Canadian finances.

The last two weeks have been mostly taken up with finances and managing my Canadian bank accounts. Thank goodness for the internet is all I have to say on that matter! Makes banking sooooooooooooooo much easier.

Tonight was Wedding Night, and it really got me thinking about how international everything is becoming thanks to the wonders of the internet. Examples?

Cake Topper—USA

Top Secret Wedding Favors—USA

Bridal Party Presents—Likely UK

Dress—Victoria (likely by way of China)

Shoes, reception dress—likely UK, hopefully London

That’s just a small example. Our invites are going ‘round the world too, ok, mostly Canada and the US (with one coming to the UK. Sad when you have to ask your parents to mail you an invite to your own wedding).

I’ve been really touched by how many people have offered to contribute to our day in one way or another. I don’t claim any of this on our merits, or at least not most of it, but am so thrilled at this outpouring of love from my mum’s friends because they love my mum. How fantastic is that? We all know that she’s a pretty special lady, but it is just incredible how far their generosity extends.

I am NINE addresses away from having my Save the Date & Invite labels complete (at least until the invites go out). There are two addresses I’ve given up on for this round. Hopefully, since my brother is going home and can help, I’ll have everything mailed out by end of Feb/early March, which only puts me about 2 months behind, but still about 5 months before the wedding, and three months before the invites go out. And I haven’t heard complaints from anyone other than certain family members about needing to book time off by January so... plus it’s a Saturday wedding, on the Island, and central to the bulk of our working friends.

I think I have solved my bouquet dilemma, pending quotations on shipping. I was having a hard time finding the fabric I wanted, and Cambridge only has about 2 fabric stores (as we found out during the ill-fated “highland warrior” escapade of David’s rowing last semester). I couldn’t find the colours I wanted in a fabric that wouldn’t look too cheapy-shiney, and the one place that carried it online wouldn’t return my email asking for a sample. So I’m returning to my idea of wood roses, and after David’s exclamation of “cool!” when I told him this evening I think it will be go.

That’s about it for now... time to make a grocery list!