Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ain’t it good to be back home again

After over 17hours of travel I've made it back to Canada! The trip was long and exhausting, but I am getting over my jetlag and trying to focus on getting wedding things done each day.

We flew into Vancouver which was great as it meant we got to spend time with my mum's family. Whilst in Vancouver I got the headpiece that my aunt has made for me. It is a beautiful hair vine of swavarski crystles and silver wire which will be pinned into my hair. I also discussed reception details with my uncle, who will be MCing our wedding. AND I got to see my cousin Tara's lovely wedding on the DVD my brother made for her, which made missing it much less bitter.

On Monday mum & I left for Victoria and my dress alteration appointment. To say I was nervous would be an understatment—I had never tried the dress on in its proper size, I had not seen my actual dress until two days before, and I had no idea if the measurements taken just under a year ago would still be good. However once I was laced into the dress I did not want to take it off! With no makeup and my hair pulled back in a ponytail I still looked beautiful. It really is "the dress". Mum and I had lots of fun learning how to deal with the corset and are going to be practicing before the wedding. Carly, the woman who altered my dress, was amazing. My dress needed to be hemmed and have the bustle added and she did that all for us that day...literally 2 hours after we'd come in! She was full of information and we left feeling very confident and happy.

After the dress appointment we went to David's parents' where we found some beautiful wedding gifts awaiting us, including a beautiful handmade guestbook which we will be using for our wedding. Following a bit of a visit it was errand time—marriage license procured, David's tux ordered, and my dress picked up. We then drove to Duncan with David's family where I got to meet his 96 year-old great aunt who won't be able to come to our wedding. Then mum & I continued on to Port.

Every day I am trying to get wedding stuff out of the way. Yesterday we picked up fabric for some of the decorations and left the marriage license at the church. I also figured out how I am going to incorporate our baby photos etc into the wedding without doing a slideshow. I am excited to see how my idea plays out, and hopefully between today and tomorrow I can make it. I spent last night and this morning choosing photos and cropping them. Now they're getting printed and I may even be able to pick them up tonight.

Other than WEDDING, I get a little less jetlagged every day. I am having a hard time sleeping, and have only managed one eight-hour night out of the last week. I think this is a combo of jetlag, sunlight, and excitement.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Less than a month!

With the wedding less than a month away, I find myself in the contradictory position of having so much to say that I am unable to say anything.

This time next week, absit omen, I will be in Vancouver :)