Thursday, March 26, 2009

absolutely amazing

so, today was rather dull. go to school and cram too much work into too little time. eat an apple. go to Latin. go to class which always makes me feel kind of low these days. eat some grapes. come home, annoyed because our toilet is broken and difficult to flush, and i have too much work to do for tomorrow...

and when i show up, all the windows to our place are open and there is music blasting from out of the house. and david's not visible from the outside. So I come in and he rushes up to me to tell me...

He got a full scholarship to Clare College, Cambridge... as in, IN ENGLAND. As in, tuition and living expenses covered.

We are so excited--you cannot believe it. Absolutely floored.

People are asking what this means for us. Considering I found out about thirty minutes ago, I'm not too sure. It's something we will definitely have to sit down and think out. I have ideas for the immediate future, and I'm not too sure about after that. But when things like this happen I just see how everything falls into place.

God is so good. And I am so excited!


  1. That is so incredible! Wow! I'm so excited for you! This is such great news! I can't wait to tell Jon! Maybe we'll have to come and visit you in England...

  2. hell yes! you'll have a place to stay. and although Jon & David will create some boring vortex of jazz and theology, we can hit up British shops or something!