Monday, June 29, 2009

engagement party

Last night we had our engagement party and I must say that it was LOVELY. The day we announced our engagement David's family through us a lovely impromptu party, complete with champagne, and I loved it but that was just family and we hadn't had a chance to celebrate with our friends. I had put off the party until my brother's visit, and a few hours before everyone arrived David asked him to be one of his groomsmen and I thought it was a very touching guy moment, because they were both gruff and awkward. Melted my heart a little.

Anyway, the party was great--small and informal, just what I wanted, but I was extra touched that everyone dressed up in lovely party frocks (well, not the guys, but they all looked respectable). We'd spent the day cleaning and baking and I was pleased with how well our suite looked with all the spring cleaning done, and with how well all the desserts we made turned out (lemon squares, brownies, and Mennonite obtskuchen).

It was just sitting around and telling stories and eating food and being happy and laughing--exactly what I wanted. Kind of a miniature version of what I hope our wedding is! I was particularly touched that one of my friends proposed a toast to us when we opened a bottle of wine. I may have gotten a little teary eyed. Anyway, it was great. And Madeleine remembered to snap a few pics for me which is more than I remembered to do for myself. With everyone sitting in a circle and chatting there wasn't really anything that screamed PHOTO, but I'm very glad she snapped some because I'll want something for the scrapbook.

So that is that and I am so happy. It was exactly what I wanted and I just had this wonderful happy glow all night from having a good time with friends celebrating our engagement. My brother snapped some photos of us before everyone came:

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  1. Yay! Happy Engagement! Okay, I obviously already knew. Just wanted to say it again! Wish we could have been there!