Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Advice

This is a bit of advice I took from this morning. I think it's a very good reminder of what is actually going on:

My advice for other offbeat brides: Keep your cool baby! This is supposed to be ! Do not go over your budget, do not get too wrapped up in what's going to make your guests happy or unhappy, do not forget why you are doing this. The people you care about sharing this with are going to love sharing it with you no matter what you serve them or what you wear or where you have it. Love is the most amazing thing in the world, celebrate that and you'll have no regrets.--Rhiannon

I find it particularly relevant to myself. I like to make people happy, even if it means sacrifice for myself. I don't think this is necessarily bad--one should compromise and not be selfish--but it can go from beyond just trying to consider others to worrying about what they think. I don't want to get caught in that trap, and I know I'm quite susceptible to it. So I copied the above text and put it onto my wedding planning brainstorming sheet, right at the top, so I can see it as a reminder every time I open the file. Mum keeps telling me to not worry about my guests, and if the internet agrees I guess I have to listen!


  1. Jon is a sacrificial people pleaser. It is very frustrating sometimes! If every one who comes really love you they are going to have fun when they see how much fun you are having. Do what is right for you and David!

  2. This is actually one of the reasons why I decided to rethink everything in Victoria and scale it all way back. I don't want a massive headache. I want a sweet wedding with my loved ones there and then maybe to play twister in the park!

  3. That is a really great quote. Sounds great!!