Tuesday, August 18, 2009

a place to live

Today we found out that David did indeed get the couples housing he applied for at Cambridge. Which means that I can actually join him in England, instead of pining away for loss of love in Canada. And this evening we finished packing the last of our "to keep" boxes to be sent back home.

So now I will definitely be planning a wedding on Vancouver Island while living in Cambridge. From one island to another! Thank goodness my mum is so keen to be involved with wedding stuff, because I think she is going to be doing a lot of running around between now and next August.

Less than a year until the wedding too--we are both so excited. Davey has been counting down the days and hopping with excitement. It's quite cute.

And I think this is the outside of our new residence:

c1934. We get a 1 bedroom with a kitchen, sitting area, and bathroom. David is hoping it's one of the ones that also has a study, but we'll see.


  1. Ah, how exciting! I am glad you were able to work out the housing situation. Is it close to campus? When do you guys fly out?

  2. It is about 1.7 miles from campus, or a 30 minute walk. And it is near to some greenspace, which makes me happy. Not sure yet when we fly out, although should be booking David's tickets soon... Still working on getting our visas!

  3. Are you getting excited?! I think I have butterflys in my stomach for you!

  4. I am excited and terrified! Mostly I can't believe it's actually for real--I paid for my visa and stuff yesterday and now I just need to do my paperwork!