Monday, September 21, 2009

Crossing the big things off the list

The concrete bits of weddingness seem to be coming together. For those of you who think I'm organized—yeah, I am, but only because it all has to be done before I head to the UK. After that I won't be able to do anything here in person. So all the big things need to be at least figured out before I go.

Mum and I went down to Victoria to buy my wedding dress. I had tried on dresses in May, which gave me the next four months to make my decision for certain. So we went to the bridal salon on Thursday night, I tried on The Dress again, this time complete with my veil, and it was still IT. So I got measured, we placed the order, and now we wait! I was pleased because the dress was a size or two smaller than I thought too, which is fun. The only catch to ordering this early is that I have to ensure that I don't gain any weight for a year. As I've been steadily losing weight this shouldn't be a problem, but I plan to use it as an incentive to keep on track with healthy eating and exercise. Because my dress is a corset back I have some leeway for weight loss/gain, and I'm somewhat hoping that I can lose enough to order the going-away dress I want, which has a more fitted waist. So we'll see. I am certainly not someone who buys into the whole "must lose weight for the wedding" ideology, but for overall health & wellness we're trying to make better choices and I certainly wouldn't be sad if those had some visible effects by the wedding!

While in Victoria Mum, David, & I also went to find the groomsmen's suits. Initially David was going to wear his charcoal grey suit with his periwinkle blue shirt & tie, and the boys were going to be in light grey suits with navy shirts & some sort of tie. But alas! There were no light grey suits to rent in the whole of Victoria (our very kind saleslady at Moores called every store in town for us). She finally found a place for us that rented charcoal grey tuxes, so we went there and everything changed.

We were going through the samples, choosing the tux and accessories, and then David decided that he would wear a tux as well. So they boys are going to be dressed a little more formally than we'd originally thought, but I don't mind. The ties David picked for everyone are really fun and colourful which keeps with the original idea, and I think it's just as well the man wears a tux on the day he gets married. I am mostly relieved that we did not have to end up getting black tuxes. Too formal and dark for a morning wedding. I still like the idea of morning suits, but I think the shorter coat on the tux will be a little nicer for the boys in the hot August sun. And my brother is happy that David was picking the tuxes, not me, because I was thinking sweater vests...

So after wedding-clothes day we came up to Port Alberni and had our meeting with Fr Marek at Notre Dame. The meeting went well and we filled in a 45 question questionnaire that determined that yes, we are practicing Catholics and no, we're not related or unable to marry for other reasons. And Fr Marek had no problems with us setting up our marriage prep at OLEM, so provided the English are willing to counsel us it's all good. I'm really pleased with how not-anal they are about stuff at Notre Dame, so it looks like I can have The Wedding Song as my processional, and there shouldn't be any conflict over me being escorted down the aisle by my parents.

And finally, we went down to Roger Creek Park to check out accessibility for some of our older guests, and we drove to some different spots in town to find a place to take our wedding photos. We think we're going to do them in the woods behind the park—there is a bridge, a train bridge/tracks, lots of trees (obviously), and the river bed. It should be lovely. We had thought of doing it down at Harbour Quay but it's windy and not as pretty. And I'm happy, because I wanted my photos done in the woods. So we'll see if the photographer disagrees, but other than that!

The big things are all coming together, which is good because David got his visa (d.g.) and his ticket to England is booked for next Wednesday. I'm still waiting for my visa but will hopefully be joining him a week or two later.

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