Monday, September 14, 2009

west coast planning

I’m blasting folk music and sitting in my parents’ dining room, which means that the view from all the windows is mostly of towering evergreens and blue sky. Their house is so open and airy feeling, and its age and somewhat “crumbliness” always makes me feel like the forest is barely being kept out of it. My eyes have certainly been starved for the woods.

I’ve been back for about two weeks but they have been so full of visiting and traveling that they have passed in a blur. Things don’t show much sign of slowing down now either, although at least I’m home now until Wednesday. Then it’s off to Victoria to buy my wedding dress (!!!!) and pick up my man, who will be spending some time in Port so that we can get wedding stuff done and so that we won’t have to be apart.

So far things have been falling into place. We met with our potential photographer last Monday, and after looking at her wedding portfolio, speaking with her, and asking David’s mum’s opinion (as she is an award winning photographer herself) we decided to go with Ms. Erglis from Victoria. We haven’t told her that yet—I’m still waiting for David to approve the email I want to send her! Anyway, I am very pleased. Her photographs are beautiful and exactly what we want—nothing too staged, just pure beautiful traditional poses, a little bit of fun, and stunning scenic shots thrown in. When David comes to Port we’re going to see if we can’t find a location or two for our photos. We’re thinking either the forest around Roger Creek or the water at Harbour Quay, or both.

I spent a few rushed days in Vancouver, visiting people and getting things for my visa in order. One of my lovely brideswomen, my cousin Tara, is also engaged so we had a good afternoon talking weddings. She reminded me that when we were little we always used to talk about getting married in the same year and having a joint honeymoon. Well, the honeymoon idea is definitely out but it is funny that we’re getting married in the same year, just like our parents did.

This morning I went to mass at Notre Dame, and as usual had a happy little glow thinking about having my wedding there. Fr Marek was saying mass this morning, so I was extra happy because there’s a good chance that he’ll be marrying us. Anyway, I try to not get too distracted by WEDDING during mass.

All these thoughts aside, we actually have a little bit of tangible weddingness now—the cake topper my mum ordered us from Jim Shore has come in! And not only has it come in, but it is more beautiful and perfect than imagined. I’ve been feeling really burned out with the stress of this past year but being able to hold a little piece of future happiness in my hands has certainly rekindled my excitement for the wedding. David is really happy about it too. And my Grandma gave one of her delightful little gasps when I showed her the cake topper last night. Now that the cake topper is in we’ve been sitting around thinking up ideas for the actual cake design.

In non-wedding news, we got a bit more information about our accommodation in Cambridge. Our rent is scarcely more than we were paying in Toronto (and yes, this is with the exchange rate factored in!) and it comes furnished. Needless to say that is a huge weight off our minds. Packing sheets and silverware is much easier than packing a couch.

Off for now!

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  1. Ooooh Wedding dress soon! :) And very cool about the flat in Cambridge. It's all coming together nicely.

    When do I get to see you?

    I'm away next weekend (We have a pro-d in Duncan on Friday and then Ali's in Victoria so I'm spending the weekend there to see her and the kids. And on Sunday I'm going to the baptism of Deb and Derek's little girl).