Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Blessings

Ever notice that people complain a lot? I mean there's kind of a general atmosphere of negativity, gloom, and possibly even despair hanging over people in general, if not in specifics. So I'm going to try to do my share of being positive, because I know that at least for myself focusing on positive things makes me feel better, makes the world just a little bit brighter, and means that at least for 4/5 days at work I come in smiling and just being happy to have a good ½ mile walk in the crisp morning air. I feel incredibly blessed to have the life that I'm living right now, and I feel that getting trapped in negativity because things don't always work as planned, and certainly aren't always easy, would be throwing that gift back, or at least devaluing it.

On the note of things being hard, this week certainly has been. I've had a cold, a sore back triggered by that and a poor mattress, and to top it all off I fainted in the middle of a meeting at work and broke my fall with my face. So I've been in a lot of pain and discomfort, and certainly have not been easy to live with or overly positive this week!

But there are positives, and now that it's Saturday and my weekend chores are over. Things that made me happy today:

- being able to buy fresh, reasonably priced, local or at least nearby meat from the butchers. Eating happy animals makes me happy.

- getting a 45p chick sugar cookie from the bakers and discovering that the frosting is lemon flavoured.

- wiring money to Canada and experiencing an exchange rate just over 1.5...simply because I am glad it is not lower.

- confirming from my doctor's appointment on Thursday that my blood pressure is normal. Wasn't expecting that!

- having a wonderful fiancé who forces me to go for extra walks just to see flowers blooming along the backs at Clare.

- having a wonderful fiancé who spent the week putting up with my grouchiness and spaciness without losing his temper.

- buying 80p worth of gummibears from a stall in the market to munch on a walk home

- hearing positive things about our wedding/save the dates from people we talk to

That is my list for today, at least so far! And it's not yet three o'clock and I have a whole glorious afternoon and evening in which to read and rest.

Also, hope you enjoy what I am titling "Smash Face". I carpet burned my forehead and nose, cut the inside of my lip, and bruised the bridge of my nose. My mum showed this photo to my Grandma who said that I was very good looking and could she please have a copy. I love my Grandma!

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  1. 1. You do look pretty in that photo, despite the proof of your fall.
    2. I know I often can get too pessimistic; it's such a downer. I am trying, lately, to focus on the good things. I loved your list of good things.
    3. I just woke up 15 minutes ago but in that time a few good things have happened: The person I was waking up early to meet called and cancelled so now I can rest this morning. My house is quiet and empty and I am cozy in bed. Pretty good for 15 minutes of awakeness!