Sunday, March 14, 2010


The wedding shoes have arrived! Or at least the shoes I hope to wear for the wedding have arrived!

When I bought my dress she told me to wear a heel. And these ones have a 4cm (ie: low kitten) heel. Since I can't try my dress on until I'm home in July, I had a discussion with some people who agreed that I might as well buy the shoes, bring 'em to my fitting, and then see if I like how they look. If they don't work I have some options—a really beautiful pair of painted "silk" flats I bought in San Francisco, or going to payless or walmart and picking up a cheap pair of flats for the ceremony.

When I wear these shoes I do not want to take them off. They are so pretty and unique and shoegasmic. There was a worrying moment where it looked like I couldn't do one of them up, as they're all stiff and new at the moment, but after some fiddling I managed, and they are surprisingly comfortable. My feet have never been overly fond of pointy-toed shoes, and the toe part on these is no different, but I plan to break them in and hopefully by the wedding they are fine. At least they don't hurt my ankles, which is the problem I usually experiencing with flats.

Also, in my joy over shoes I totally did not clue in to what my mum told me on the phone—Save the Dates are going out today! Well, probably tomorrow by the time the postman collects, but! I actually feel quite guilty because to save work for my parents I made all these address labels...which then didn't format correctly for printing and my mother retyped them all. And now she and dad seemed to have pulled off an amazing feat of love and gotten all 75 or so labelled and ready for post within two days. Have I mentioned that my parents are amazing?

I also feel slightly terrified that we are now sending out the pre-invites, as in this is actually happening.



  1. I love your shoegasmic word :) They are super hot and they look even better on!

  2. I think shoegasmic is illegal in several provinces!

  3. Sus St ChristopherMarch 24, 2010 at 4:17 PM

    The shoes are totally sweet and am envious that you choose to go non-traditional. If I go the married route again it's flip-flops all the way!
    Yes, I'm more than pleased to assist with the butterflies, organza/tulle/fabric/hatbox thing. It'll be easier to put together as well as transport. Just tell me your ideas for music/songs and I'll check out some stuff on this end. If the church has a sound system that can play cds, then burning the songs are easy as well as the tune by harp or classical guitar for Ave Maria and the wedding song, would be just fine. I know Chelsea's father-in-law said he might be able to do the accompanying, but at what cost? I'm afraid to ask, him being professional and all. I'll await to hear your choices for songs and how many and where and when in the service they're to be played - processional/recessional.
    Am feeling kinda punk these days - was sick this morning but feeling a tad better. It's beautiful sunshine out and have been spending hours gardening at Archies house, giving it the woman's touch. MRI is April 13 in Nanaimo and your mum is taking me down. Other than that, one day at a time...sweet Jesus
    bye for now,
    luv sus