Tuesday, July 21, 2009

calm spots

i've been having a good summer but I have been feeling a little stressed with all the things going on. if i were more disciplined I'd be going to bed earlier to compensate for the two mornings when I have to get up at 6:30, but as it happens I usually end up getting 5.5-6hrs of sleep on the nights before and being tired. Fortunately those days are at the job I like where my lack of sleep makes me look a little slow but is still manageable. I try to go to bed earlier, but when I'm working until 10pm other nights (and subsequently not eating dinner until 10:30) it is hard to manage. Plus Value Village is full of the annoyances of working in a place run by barely competant management, which causes its own stress. And of course moving, moving, moving... but I swear this isn't about complaining!

It's about the wonderful evening I had with David on Saturday. Between our various stresses and busyness having fun together tends to slip by the wayside. Not that we don't do stuff, just that it isn't always easy to put stress on hold and just relax. Saturday, however, worked out perfectly and was one of those nice moments of reconnecting. I had worked until 4pm and had then gone over to a friend's house for tea and wedding chat (she is also getting married, about two months before us). So I didn't get home that day until about 8:30, and when I came in there were chores to attend to and the usual little things one does when arriving home.

David was making dinner, and it happened to be ready in time for one of our favorite shows--Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. So I was looking forward to just relaxing with David while we ate dinner, but he surprised me with a magnificent feast of snow crab legs and his homemade bruschetta. It was soooooooooooo good. We couldn't figure out a good way to divide the crab legs between us so we just piled them all on a plate and sat down on the living room floor with that and a dish of melted butter between us, sharing the plate and eating this incredibly delicious meal and just relaxing. It was delightful and different enough from the usual dinner routine to feel really special.

Packing yesterday also reminded me once again of how happy I am with David. Happy to be with someone who turns an afternoon of packing into a fun adventure instead of something stressful, and who manages to stay relaxed and organized and in a good mood the whole time. Happy also to be with a man who does his fair share and more around the house and who is almost always more than happy to help me with stuff (even if he grumbles when I make him kill spiders). In the evening we just relaxed--David made salmon steaks and baked potatoes and we sat amongst our sea of boxes watching Excalibur. I also worked a lot on my latest embroidery project (pillowcases) and am about 3/4s done. Hooray!

Also making plans for when I'm back in September. So much to look forward to--making perogies, doing wedding stuff, visitng people, and spending lots of time with my Grandma. It is going to be a major adjustment to be an only child again tho with John off at college. Everything is changing, and I'm glad to have bright dreams on my horizon instead of being stuck while everything moves on around me.

David: hair cut so he looks presentable for Cambridge and practicing packing the Gang into his new bag of holding. Look out UK!

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