Sunday, July 19, 2009

photos and such

So today we went to get our engagement photos done. We got them done portrait studio style, instead of an outdoorsy shoot. We may end up getting an outdoorsy shoot if it comes with our wedding photography package when we get a photographer, but that is for another day. I wanted something for now that looked timeless and elegant, and I feel that is what we got so I'm pleased. Out of all the photos we only ended up choosing one shot to do for all our prints--David is apparently really picky with how he's posed and tends to go for the more traditional (no kissing! no crossed arms!). Anyway, now we have something nice to give out to our family members and a really beautiful portrait to hang on the wall.

In other news, my mum has been full of sweet wedding surprises of late. She is talking about baking my favorite cake as a wedding cake (more on this later once we figure out for sure what we're doing, but it's looking like a good option), she's been slowly picking up brightly coloured dishes/cups for the reception, brainstorming DIY decorations with Sue (so I think we've figured out how to do strings of butterflies!), and...

and... the other night David told me that he wanted a traditional kind of caketopper bride & groom that we could keep as an ornament after the wedding. So I started looking around to find something appropriate, which was slightly harder than hoped for due to our taste and most people's taste. At one point I found these really cute Ukrainian toppers, but the groom was bald so that was nixed. And then I found it: a folk art style bride and groom with folk motif designs on them, hand painted, and by one of my favorite mass-market artists (if such a thing can be said to exist).

So we both fell in love with them, but for prudence sake decided to put off buying them. But we showed them to mum and I guess she thought they were perfect too because she decided to surprise us by buying them for us to make sure we wouldn't miss out on them! It's no longer a surprise because she started worrying I'd go and buy them and then we'd be stuck with two sets, but!!! BEST AND MOST AMAZING MOTHER EVER. So I'm just waiting for her to order them and then I will know for certain that they are ours.

Anyway, we are both really touched by her ongoing generosity and meaningful little contributions. Thanks mum!

Also, I cannot resist sharing our second choice--Ukrainian Bride & Groom:


  1. I'm sad you nixed the pictured cake toppers. They are amazing! I hope the other ones are better!

  2. The other ones are also very colourful and very folkarty as well, just a little more elegant and the groom is not bald. the brides are actually quite similar.

  3. I should also add that upon seeing the other ones my mum did not exclaim what she did with these ones: "that looks like something Mrs J-------- would like!" which is our family has always been code for bright clashingy gaudy Ukrainian.