Sunday, July 5, 2009

my mother is awesome

I must take a moment to say just how awesome my mother is being about the whole wedding. So far she's been really supportive of every idea I've bounced off her, no matter how different it is from the norm. Only once has she commented on my wedding being somewhat offbeat but that was in a jokey sort of way. This post is mostly brought about because I sent her a picture of the shoes I'm thinking of getting for the day--royal blue "medieval moccasins". Instead of saying something negative about them looking weird, or unconventional, or being blue, she just exclaimed over how cool they looked and said I need to make sure I got a short dress for the reception to show them off. Even when we went dress shopping, both her AND my FMIL refrained from saying which dress they preferred so that I wouldn't get swayed by anyone else's opinion.

From the day I called mum to tell her that I was engaged she's been picking up things for the wedding. She's slowly getting cans of chickpeas in order to make hummus for the potluck buffet, she's been picking up these crazy blue & white patterned paper plates for us to use at the reception, and she's currently talking about making windchimes from seashells to hang in the trees of the park. My brother says she's also keeping an eye out for small butterflies because I want to hang strings of them from the trees. And instead of ever telling me what she thinks I should do, she just gives nice little suggestions and explanations of her own ideas--no pressure--which helps me figure things out and think about aspects I haven't considered.

I'm really happy to have a mother who is really into the whole DIY aspect of this wedding, and who is actually excited about our unconventional plans (although to me they seem perfectly normal, haha). So, here's to my mum!