Sunday, July 12, 2009


I've been wasting way too much time this weekend playing around with/stressing over wedding invites. I know that the invites are rather toward the end of my list of things needing to be done--we don't even have a date set--but I've been puzzling over an affordable way of getting what I want. I happen to have expensive tastes, so even in the DIY range it doesn't really save money.

Anyway, trying to find the original paper I wanted to go with for an affordable price was proving quite difficult via the internet. So I spent some time browsing and coming up with various ideas for a similar effect, and then I thought I nailed it. So I was happy. Until I remembered that because we are moving to the UK I either have to order the paper NOW, which I can't justify doing to my credit card, or making my parents do my invites, which I can't justify doing to my parents, or shipping the paper to the UK, which I can't justify to my budget. So I was back to the drawing board. And more internet browsing. And more time wasting--it is pretty clear from the last couple of days that I do not have enough productive things to do... Like I should maybe be packing and getting ready to move, or something simple like cleaning the bathroom... ah procrastination!

To condense what has turned into more time on the internet than I care to admit to, I *think* that I have finally come up with the invite style I want coupled with a price that doesn't break my budget, with supplies that I can get for a decent price in the UK. There has been the creation of word document templates for the sake of measuring how many of _____ I can get out of a sheet of A4 paper. And, hoping that I don't work tomorrow, I am going to walk to the nearby craft store and throw a dollar or two down on making a mockup in similar style to see if I like the result. Also, because I am ripping the general idea off of a craft site, they had a how-to video showing the basics of assembly and now I am super excited about getting to assemble all this stuff.

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