Saturday, October 3, 2009

good news from afar

David has arrived safely in Cambridge and is getting settled in. Thanks to the magic of Skype we actually got to talk the other night which was lovely...and not just talk, we actually got to SEE each other which was so nice because we haven't seen each other really since mid-September.

He told me that our flat has a bathroom, small kitchen, sitting room, bedroom, and a study! I am so stoked about this, because we'd been really hoping we'd get one of the flats with a study but once we found out what our rent was going to be I didn't think we'd got one (our rent is really low). I am so happy about this, because it means that David will have a proper place to work in at home without us having his books strewn all over the living room. It also gives him his own space so that he isn't being constantly interrupted while he's hard at work, which is what tends to happen when he's working in the same room as me. I am thrilled beyond words to finally have a "grown-up" apartment! David says it's larger than our place in Toronto was, and that it is well, but plainly, furnished. I haven't had a video tour of it yet because we don't have wireless at the moment. He's also told me that there's a grocery store a mere block from the house, and that there's a market nearby as well... this is good because apparently the British all have these tiny fridges (small enough to fit under a desk). So our shopping habits are going to be changing, and I'm thinking we'll be buying a lot more fresh food every few days instead of a weekly shop. I'm hoping this means less waste from buying more food than we eat.

It sounds like Cambridge is treating him well and things are going smoothly. They seem to be treating him quite well--he was given dinner with the undergrads when he arrived on Thursday, which made me very happy. Nice to know that he's getting fed! So my mind is fairly at ease.

As for me, my visa has been issued! I still need to get it back, which they say may take up 7 days, and I need to book my flights etc...logistically I don't expect to be leaving until after Thanksgiving, which is fine by me as since I can't spend Christmas at home this year I'm pleased to at least spend one holiday at home.

I am getting quite excited to be heading over there, particularly as David keeps telling me how much I'll love it. And that is that!

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  1. Wow! Your place sounds amazing!!! I'm so happy for you! Enjoy your Thanksgiving at home. You'll be in England in no time!