Saturday, October 17, 2009

on my way!

I'm currently sitting in the Vancouver International Airport, waiting for my flight to Chicago! The way that everything has fallen into place for my trip is beyond belief--I would venture to say that it is truly miraculous! Over the past few weeks God has led certain people to bless me financially, to such an extent that my flight, my travel insurance, and my cellphone cancellation fees are all paid for--things that I did not have enough money to cover! I am so amazed and feel so blessed. Finances aside a number of people have blessed me in other ways, and I am leaving feeling very loved and very excited. So this is a huge thank you to a number of special people, some of whom I did not even get to know until this trip home.

My last little bit in Canada passed quickly and easily. We had a very lovely Thanksgiving, and after I spent the last few days organizing space for my parents (so my boxes won't drive them nuts) and packing. I am thrilled because my parents' scaled was off by 5lbs, so I was able to take my big blue bathrobe! I weighed in at 44 & 47.5lbs respectively, and that is the sum weight of the earthly possessions I deem "essential", the treasures in my carry-luggage aside! For those of you who may have been wondering, I *did* manage to fit in both my Anne of Green Gables book set & my Little House on the Prairie set! And lest my spiritual life not be sufficiently met by what I consider my bible supplements, my mum bought me a lovely travel Bible yesterday. Blue leather, silver gilt pages, and less than 1" thick.

So here I am, munching farmer's sausage & cheese (how Mennonite) and killing time for the next hour and a half. I'll be landing in England at around 12:30am. I'll end with a few pictures from October in Port:

Me & my birthday cake! Cherry Cheesecake, one of my childhood favorites. We're a little short on candles tho...

My grumpy angel.
My brother did an amazing job decorating the table for Thanksgiving dinner. He stole leaves from the neighbours' trees.
Starting a new tradition: the Thanksgiving firecracker!
John taught me how to set off firecrackers. So much fun!

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  1. I hope you have safe and uneventful travels. I'm sure you're super excited for a lovely reunion with David in England! Have fun in Europe!