Sunday, October 18, 2009

In England!

I'll write more about the actual trip and things later.

I've made it safe & sound to England. Our apartment is huge--larger than anywhere we lived in Canada--and it is laid out very nicely. We have the cutest little sitting room! The kitchen is small, but workable--about the same size as my View Towers kitchen. So, all is well at the moment and I'm just waiting for David to get home from rowing practice. We were supposed to go to Mass but as it starts in 3 minutes I'm guessing that plan is cancelled due to his practice going longer than I think we'll just end up out for dinner. Tomorrow he's going to take me around Cambridge a little. I'm not feeling very jetlagged at the moment--I took a sleeping pill on the plane and had a small nap this afternoon, and at least at this moment I feel like I'll be able to hit bed at around 10 or 11, which is perfect as I'm trying to get up earlier. Should be easier here as the apartment is flooded with light. Also, for my birthday David got me a giant wooly Clare College scarf! I'm going to wear it to his boat races!

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